Gedicht einer Borderlinerin über „Liebe“

A poem called “LOVE”

The biggest word
all of us ever heard.
This one big emotion,
everyone of us is seeking with devotion.
This feeling all of us are longing to feel.
This feeling that is so hard to reveal.

I wonder what this big word is meant to be.
I don’t know it. Do you, does he or does she?
Two people in love, together, heart at heart,
what distinguishes them from two friends never apart?

I like you, I adore you, I cherish you,
I worship you, I admire you, I esteem you,
I am devoted to you, I am closely connected to you,
I never wanna be without you,
I love you.

But what kind of love will that ever be?
Who are you gonna be to me?
My fellow, my friend, my lover?
My brother, my sister, my mother my father?
You could pick one of them, or many, or all.
I have no clue of one of them so I tend to fall,
cause the borders are blurring and fleeting,
and I’m losing myself, I’m near-drowning, I’m bleeding.

For Denis, 11/20/2010, A.


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